The Wheel Turns and Light Grows Stronger

The Rev. Tanya Trezciak brings us words for contemplation:

The Wheel turns again and as the light grows stronger we reflect more deeply on our connection to the Earth.  Light and dark are a part of life but it is the light that brings us more joy and happiness. 

Many religions have holy days this time of the year that emphasize the Light.  It is the light that warms the Earth and will soon bring forth the life that has been resting within the soil.  We will soon see spring bulbs popping up through the soil even if there is still some snow on the ground.  This gives us hope. 

We cling to this hope for this is the lifeline of our lives and leads us into the future. 

We cling to the hope that the days will not only be brighter because of the sun’s warming rays but also to the hope that our lives will become brighter and better. 

We cling to the hope that our world will not stay dark and foreboding. 

Without this hope we could not survive. 

Religion offers us hope.  Even if we do not profess any specific religious affiliation our spirituality gives us the strength to move on and see the world as a brighter and more welcoming place if only because Mother Earth has given us the crocus pushing up through the snow. 

There is life and that life is good.  Celebrate life.