Beltane and Spring


Contributed by board member, The Rev. Tanya April-Trzeciak

The Merry Month of May.  Here in New England May is a month for joy.  March and the Vernal Equinox offer us hope but the strong winds and rain, even snow, often don’t hold much promise.  Then April comes along with more rain and warmth but there is still the threat of cold winds and snow.  May is the time when that promise of hope is finally fulfilled.  The trees are more than just tiny buds, there is more color than just the Forsythia yellow and the birds are feeding their young and singing the praises of the beautiful weather.  We find the earth warming so we can get our tomatoes in and many have been harvesting the peas for a few weeks now.

For Pagans May is full of joy and celebration where wehonor the fertility of the earth and all living things.  Flowers that bring us the luscious fruit are pollinized by the insects, peas and radishes are being picked and we begin to think of all the happiness we pushed aside during the cold dark days of winter.  May truly is spring.  May shows us that the cycle really does continue.  There are no more false hopes and the promised warm days that we had in March and April are truly here.  No, we have honest to goodness days of warmth and sunshine and nights that are not freezing cold.

We may not celebrate May as some of the ancients did with the Great Rite (Divine Marriage), but we do celebrate with singing and dancing and playing games.  The light of the bonfires cleanses away all the negativity still holding on.  Celebrate May and be joyous.  Blessed Be.