Contemplative Movement Workshop


Contemplative Movement: The Embodied Heart

Saturday, Sept. 17, 10AM-1PM

St. Thomas Episcopal Church

111 High St., Taunton, Mass.

Develop your capacity to move through your days connected to body, mind and spirit.   With playfulness and seriousness we will explore whole body prayers from the Christian tradition and easeful tai chi practices, including meditation, to enhance our overall aliveness to ourselves and the Spirit within and around.  The tai chi practices cultivate flow, balance, and presence and serve to ground and integrate the profound heart centered practices of Christianity.   

The workshop will be of value to those with any kind of spiritual practice who desire to move with more ease and incorporate the sense of the sacred in daily life.  No prior experience with tai chi is necessary. For those who have experience with tai chi or other body-oriented practices, this workshop will provide fresh approaches to developing the meditative aspects of your practices.  For information or to register, email

Registration: $25, as able.


A longtime practitioner of contemplative prayer and tai chi, Allen Bourque lives in Ashland and is a board member of Contemplative Outreach Boston. He has been teaching and leading contemplative retreats in the northeast for many years and is currently a senior student of Cynthia Bourgeault as well as Don Ethan Miller.

“I have attended two of Allen’s workshops focusing on grounding our prayer life in the body and the body’s movement. His Christian faith and practice of contemplative prayer is enriched and informed by experience in other traditions including Buddhism and Taoism and is firmly rooted in the natural world. And lest we forget, Allen helps us reclaim play as part of embodied prayer. What I have learned from him I have been able to integrate into my daily practice and life in general and isn’t this  what makes a spiritual workshop of lasting value?” — Annie Scarff, Amherst