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MONTHLY “On the Table” – All-Faith Conversations on Timely Concerns

FREQUENT Offerings from the Pagan Tradition

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Why a Center for Spiritual Practice?
Believing that we have much to learn from and to teach one another, Common Ground: Center for Spiritual Practice is an inclusive program vitally engaged with the wisdom and the practices of a variety of spiritual and faith traditions.

Who is Invited?
Our inclusivity is a form of hospitality and respect for the many ways in which humans are nourished spiritually, and an invitation for all to join, no matter what their tradition or how experienced they are in spiritual practice.

What Do We Long For?
We create, support, and sustain practices for individuals and groups in their search for meaning and purpose, wholeness and healing, commitment and community, contemplation and social action. Our engagement with a multitude of spiritual practices equips us to live deeper and fuller lives and to serve the wider world.

Our Beginning of 2018 Offerings
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Wednesday Feb 14, 2018   7:00p – 8:30p On the Table with The Rev Sarah Person (The McKinstrey House 115 High Street Taunton MA)  This month’s topic is “Sanctuary Churches”.

— or choose to attend a conversation on the same topic on —

Wednesday Feb 28, 2018   6:30p – 8:00p On the Table with The Rev Sarah Person (The Parlor of First Unitarian Universalist Society of Middleboro, 25 South Main Street, Middleboro MA)  This month’s topic is “Sanctuary Churches”.

Across this country, over 30 mainly Protestant congregations have voted to provide Sanctuary housing for immigrants facing deportation.  Our conversation will center on the following:

1.      Do you see undocumented immigrants in our midst as hardworking people caught in a system that doesn’t work, or as criminals not willing or able to go through legal channels?

2.      Do you think congregations should be involved in what some say is essentially a political and legal problem?

3.      Does your faith denomination take a stance on providing Sanctuary?  Do you agree?

WE ARE PLANNING FOR 2018 – Please be in touch on Facebook with your suggestions.  Thanks!!